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DIY Cork Wall Tutorial

A few weeks ago my husband built me a cork wall for our hallway command center.  I had been looking for a way to display all of the artwork that my kids come home with from school.  We love the way it turned out!

cork wall tutorial

Materials Needed:

Cork Tiles

Foam Board

– Screws

Spray Adhesive

We first cut the foam board to size and then screwed it to the walls.  Since the cork tiles are relatively thin we didn’t want tons of holes in the wall with every push pin.

DIY Cork Wall TutorialDIY Cork Wall Tutorial

Then we simply sprayed the back of each cork tile with adhesive and applied it to the foam bard.  I must say that we first tried the route of the cork rolls which didn’t seem to go on as smoothly as we’d like.  The cork tiles were an easier option that allowed us to end up with the look we wanted.

DIY Cork Wall Tutorial

And here is the finished product:

DIY Cork Wall Tutorial

The kids love seeing their artwork displayed and have been busy creating more and more since we’ve put the wall up.

DIY Cork Wall Tutorial

  • cyndi hathaway - Jenny can I just confess I have a girl crush on you (not in a creepy way ) haha 😉 I love reading your blog and enjoyed your posts before I even knew where they were coming from. I finally connected the dots around last Christmas time. Your cowboy party was major inspiration for my lil man’s over 2 years ago! I love the content and we have such similar taste. YOU ROCK!! Please keep the great posts coming :)

  • Jenny Collier - You are so sweet, Cyndi! I appreciate the kind words. Xo