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DIY Gold Foil Print

My sweet friend, Ally, recently shared with me that she was making DIY gold foil prints.  I begged her to show me her technique as I am obsessed with anything gold lately.

Creating your own DIY gold foil prints is simple!  You can turn any laser printed item into a gold foil print at home!

Materials Needed:

– A laminator

Flat Gold Foil Sheets

– A laser printed design on card stock


Be sure to print your print using a laser printer (or make a copy in a copy machine using toner).  This technique will not work by simply printing using an inkjet printer.  Make sure your paper is free of dust and/or hair as it will cause a break in the foil.

Cut a piece of gold foil large enough to cover the text.  Place over the text gold side up.

DIY Gold Foil Print 1

Lay a full-sized piece of paper over the Gold Foil and feed through the laminator.  Do not use the clear sleeves that come with the laminator.

DIY Gold Foil Print 2

Then simply peel the foil away from the print…and voila a custom gold foil print!

DIY Gold Foil Prints 3

DIY Gold Foil Prints 4

  • Sara - That is SO cool!! I can’t figure out how it works yet, but that is amazing… I can’t wait to try it!

  • Kari D'Amato - I had a little tool that did this in art school! Forgot ALL about it! This is WAY easier, too! Love it!

  • Alex - This is such an amazing tutorial, thank you! All other tutorials I’ve seen cause the foil to be slightly wrinkled. I’ve just ordered the gold foil and can’t wait to give this a try!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you! I can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

  • Jenny Collier - So easy!

  • Alison Harle - What type of gold foil? Does it have to be adhesive? What do I search under? Where do you find it?

  • Nina - Amazing!

  • mango - brilliant!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Nina!

  • Jenny Collier - If you click on the “Gold Foil Sheets” it will take you to what we bought.

  • Renee - Is there anything that can be used in place of a laminator? Maybe a dry iron??

  • Sylvia - How do you get the gold foil to cover the entire area? I am having trouble and am having areas of black. The area I’m trying to cover is script typography, so it’s not even that thick.

  • Jenny Collier - I had trouble with that at first…but realized my laminator wasn’t on the highest heat setting. Once I cranked that up it worked perfectly the first time.

  • Jenny Collier - I’m not sure! I have only used a laminator but it’s worth a try!

  • Sylvia - Hmm…I bought the laminator you have in the photos and the gold foil you all linked to. :(

  • Brittney Greulich - Can you use aluminum foil??

  • Diane - I don’t grasp the idea but like how it turned out. The piece you pull off at the end, could it be put on anything, like a cup of a plate or am I missing something?

  • Jenny Collier - The heat from the laminator adheres the gold foil to the paper. If you’re wanting to do something like put something on a plate that would be something for an electronic cutter and maybe vinyl. Got an electric cutter for Christmasa and am dying to try that!

  • Lindsey Shipley - Jenny ~
    I want to do this with my logo but fairly large (to go in a 30″ x 40″ landscape frame). Would this technique work or do you have any ideas of how to get this done? I would love a direction to go with this! Please email me

  • Savanna - Hi Jenny, great post and inspiration for all of us! :)

    I have a website where I sell gold foil prints – check it out at – I’ll have more new prints up soon. If anyone can’t get the foiling to work and wants to buy one, check out my site. I hope you don’t mind the link – feel free to remove it if needed. :)

    One quick tip – if some of the gold foil won’t stick perfectly to the toner, try setting the temp a little lower and then leave the gold foil exposed. This will create a strong bond and will not result in many, if any, black spots. Try one paper one cover sheet on the bottom, leave top exposed and it will stick a lot better. You’ll have to mess with the temp a little to find the sweet spot – depends on paper thickness and foil used.

    Talk soon & have a great day! Savanna :)

  • Suzzi - Lovely…. Did you create the sign? If not can you share link?

  • helena - hi jenny, thanks for sharing this tutorial. i am having the same problem as sylvia. which setting is the hottest? 3 or 5 mil?

  • Jenny Collier - I don’t think that would work with a project like that. You should look into a professional printer that does gold foil printing for a job like that.

  • Jenny Collier - I did but didn’t save it to share as a printable. Maybe soon!

  • Jenny Collier - Try setting the temp lower and leaving the gold foil exposed to see if it sticks better!

  • Leon - Hey Jenny
    I really like your blog and I use it regularly. I am just wondering what temperature do you need your laminator to be to transfer the foil.

  • Eden Passante - What a great idea! That’s so cool and easy to do!

  • Ashlee - Could you use matte photo paper?

  • Kassie O'Driscoll - That’s so amazing! Love it & definitely pinning!

  • Eden Passante - I’m such a sucker for gold foil! I would definitely use this DIY to make my own picture for my living room! Love the idea!!