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DIY Silhouette Easter Baskets

Last year I created these DIY silhouette Easter baskets and I got a ton of questions on how I made them.  So, I thought I would walk you through how I created the stickers so that you can make your own!

A tutorial on how to make stickers of your child

I start with my silhouette.  If you don’t have a silhouette use this DIY silhouette tutorial to make one.  I also create a new file (this one is sized 8.5×11).

My silhouette file was a flattened jpeg so I need to double click on the silhouette layer on the layer’s palette to ensure that the layer is not locked.  Then, in my tool bar I selected the magic wand tool.

Silhouette Sticker 1

I placed the magic wand on the white area surrounding Hudson’s silhouette.

Silhouette Sticker 2

And then I hit delete.  The white background should now be gone.

Silhouette Sticker 3

I then drag and drop the silhouette onto the new 8.5×11 file (resize if need be according to how large your sticker will be).  My sticker was a little over 3 inches so his silhouette was about 2 inches tall).

Silhouette Sticker 4

Create a new layer in the layers palette.  And then select the elliptical marquee tool from your tool bar.

Silhouette Sticker 5

Draw a circle around your silhouette (don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be perfect.  As long as it’s on a new layer you’ll be able to move it after it’s drawn).

Silhouette Sticker 6

Select the color you want your sticker to be from the color picker on the toolbar.

Silhouette Sticker 7

And then simply fill it in using the paint bucket tool.

Silhouette Sticker 8

I wanted my silhouette to be white against the colored sticker.  So, I clicked on the silhouette layer, chose white from my color picker, and fill in only the silhouette.

Silhouette Sticker 9Silhouette Sticker 10

And then I simply printed onto label paper, cut, and affixed onto our galvanized pail Easter baskets.

DIY Silhouette Easter Basket 2

Need some ideas for what to put inside of your baskets?  Check out this post that I wrote on 50 non-candy Easter basket stuffer ideas.