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DIY Vinyl Monogram

I am officially obsessed with my new Cricut Explore that my husband got me for Christmas.  I have been putting gold monograms on everything from my planner to wine glasses and coffee mugs.  Today, I am showing you to create a DIY vinyl monogram.

After getting a Cricut and discovering all of the vinyl projects these DIY Vinyl Monograms have become my favorite.  Place the vinyl on coffee mugs, wine glasses, you name it.  A perfect DIY gift idea!

Supplies you’ll need:

Cricut Explore

Outdoor Permanent Vinyl

– Photoshop

Cricut Tool Set

Transfer Tape


– A mug or glass to place your vinyl on

Open up Photoshop.  Start with a new file (I sized this one 8.5×11).

Vinyl Monogram 18

I used the font Vine Monograms Font Family (which I paid for).   The free font Monogram KK I hear is also great.

Vinyl Monogram 19

With the Vine Monogram Font you must use lowercase letters on either side and an uppercase letter for the middle initial to create that unique monogram look.

Vinyl Monogram 20Vinyl Monogram 21

Resize by going to Edit > Transform > Scale.  Then while holding down the Control key drag a corner and scale to the size that you’ll want your vinyl printout to be (mine was roughly about 3 inches x 3 inches).

Vinyl Monogram 23

Then save the document as a jpeg file to your desktop.

Vinyl Monogram 24

Open up your Cricut Design software.

Vinyl Monogram 25

Click Insert Images on the toolbar on the left-hand side of the page:

Vinyl Monogram 26

Select basic upload.

Vinyl Monogram 27

Browse and select the file that we just created.

Vinyl Monogram 28

I selected moderately complex image as we will need to delete the white background from some of the intricate parts of the monogram design.

Vinyl Monogram 31

Once the file opens up start clicking on the white background until it all disappears from the design.

Vinyl Monogram 32

Vinyl Monogram 33

Press continue and your image will then be seen on the cutting mat.  Drag into the top left-hand corner.

Vinyl Monogram 34

Once in the left top-hand corner press the Cricut “Go” button on the top menu.

Vinyl Monogram 35

Cut your vinyl to size and apply to the left top-hand corner of your cutting mat.  Press the arrow key on your Cricut machine to load the cutting mat.

Vinyl Monogram 36

Once the mat is loaded properly press the Cricut logo button which should be flashing if everything is loaded properly.

Vinyl Monogram 37

Your machine will begin cutting the image as seen on the screen.

Vinyl Monogram 38

Vinyl Monogram 39

Peel your vinyl away from the cutting mat.

Then take your hook tool and gently begin peeling back all vinyl surrounding your monogram.  Be sure to move slowly as not to peel any vinyl away from the original design.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 2Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 3Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 4Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 5Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 6

Cut your transfer tape to size.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 1

Peel the backing off of the transfer tape.  And apply the grid-side over your monogram design.  Move slowly and smooth as you go to avoid bubbles.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 7Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 8

Use your Cricut spatula to smooth over your design and adhere the transfer tape.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 9

Turn your monogram over and gently peel the ORIGINAL backing away from the vinyl leaving the monogram imprinted onto the transfer tape.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 10Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 11

Use the transfer tape grid lines to determine where on your mug the vinyl should go.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 12

Using the spatula start from the middle and work outward.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 13Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 14

Then gently peel away the transfer tape.

Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 15Vinyl Monogram Tutorial 16

  • Brittney - Cute! Do you have a silhouette machine too? I’m trying to decide between the two and leaning towards the silhouette. Do you like one or the other more?