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Document your child’s favorite things

My sweet girl loves to help me in the kitchen.  When she sees me start to prepare dinner she drags a stool over, asks for her apron, and wants to get to work.

Sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth and I just want to get dinner on the table.  But, seeing how proud she is of herself when her Daddy compliments her on dinner makes me beam.

What can you pick up your camera today and document?

Document your child

Document your childDocument your child

  • Lindsey - I love this!
    One of my most favorite pictures of my middle child is from an idea similar that said to document your child with his or her “thing”. My daughters security object is her bunny. She couldn’t sleep without bunny for years. I am so glad I snapped a picture of her loving on bunny so I wouldn’t foget.
    I will have to do this with all my kids- with things they like now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • sara - amazing pictures!! she looks so grown up and timeless here!

  • In This Wonderful Life - your kiddos are so cute! I’ve got to get better at picking up my camera I feel like!

  • Jenny Collier - You are sweet, Megan! I have been keeping my camera out and trying to take at least one picture a day with it. When I get back in the habit I feel like it’s easier to remember!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Sara!

  • Jenny Collier - Yes, can you imagine how precious that bunny picture will be when she’s grown? So inspiring!