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5 Tips to Add more Fancy To your Life with Fancy Ashley

I met Ashley (otherwise known as Fancy Ashley) last year at the Influence Conference.  We hit it off immediately and have become close friends over the last 6 months.

Ashley is a wife to Sean and mama to Teddy and Reagan (otherwise known as the Little Presidents).  She has a heart for Jesus, glitter, sequins, pink lipstick, and cans of Sofia Blanc de Blancs.  She has a knack for celebrating the everyday…so I’ve asked her to share some of her tips for making life a little more fancy.

Without further ado…here is Ms. Fancy herself:


Hi! My name is Ashley and I blog over at Fancy Ashley. I am a huge believer in celebrating every day and even the smallest accomplishments! I am also a HUGE believer in adding a little fancy to each day. I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips and tricks to celebrate YOUR everyday and make your life a tad more fancy…who doesn’t need more fanciness in their lives?! I truly believe it’s the little things that can make or break your day! More fancy and fun and celebration is always the way to go!


fancy ashley tips

1. Add a bright lipstick to your daily look! I always say that bright pink lipstick is my signature color because I have been wearing it for years and years! Pick a lipstick color that you LOVE and make it YOUR signature color! It doesn’t have to be bright, it just needs to be a color that makes YOU happy!

2. Use paper straws! Paper straws are so much fun and they come in a variety of colors and prints and patterns. I have started quite the collection of them. I drink pretty much anything out of them, whether it be my morning smoothie or my nightly cocktail. The little things like a pretty or bright colored paper straw, adds such a statement to any beverage. My kiddos even drink their smoothies from them!

3. Get dressed up! Let’s face it, I’m a mom, so, most days, I am living in workout clothes. But, on the days/nights that I get to go out, I get dressed up and go all out with my ensembles. Why not?! There are so many of us that have closets full of fun clothes that we don’t wear often enough!

4. Wear big baubles! I am big on wearing 2 necklaces at a time. I love the layered look. A fancy necklace can totally dress up jeans and a sweater. I love wearing a casual outfit with big baubles. It’s a fun juxtaposition.

5. Whether you are celebrating a huge accomplishment or just the fact that it’s Friday, toss confetti in the air and pop the champagne! Every single day is worth celebrating!




  • Colleen - Ashley I love these tips! They could also be great tips to have a happier day! I love that you don’t take an ordinary day for granted!! I’m going out to dinner tonight with some girlfriends for a friend’s birthday and I’m going to go as “all out” as I can with my ensemble! :)

  • Jenny Collier - Sounds like fun, Colleen. I loved Ashley’s tips too!

  • Elizabeth - Great tips! I’ve recently become a huge fan of wearing the “good” clothes and doing my makeup every day! (Or most days, at least!) What’s the use of having pretty things if we’re not enjoying them to their fullest? I’ve stopped waiting for the right excuse to wear/do something special. Why not be fancy EVERY day?

  • Tressa N James Benner - Love getting my updates from Ashley :)