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Fitness Fashion

I don’t know about you but stylish workout clothes motivates me to hit the gym. That, and let’s not kid ourselves that yoga pants mostly make up my wardrobe these days (whether the gym is in the plan for that day or not).  So, they must be cute.  That’s what I tell my husband anyway.  😉

Here are some of my favorite fitness fashion and gym essentials:

Fitness fashion for the gym buffs or yoga pant wearing Moms.

V-Neck Tee | Gold Hair Ties | BKR Water Bottle | Shorts | Yoga Mat

Fit Bit | Leopard Nikes | 1/2 Zip Jacket | Grey Hoodie | Striped Speed Tights

Leopard Under Wunders | Gold New Balances | Pace Setter Skirt | Gym Bag