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Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  Linking up again with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha for Five on Friday.




01.  Back to school shopping — I came across this cute sweatshirt for my Ella and couldn’t pass it up.  Can’t wait for fall clothing!

02.  Tulsa Discovery Lab — We visited the children’s museum this week with some friends and the kids loved it…especially the tunnel and slide made entirely out of packing tape.  I think it will be a regular spot for our cold weather outings.

03.  Bible — I ordered my first big girl bible this week.  My Teen Study Bible doesn’t really apply to my life anymore. :)

I have been using the Bible app that my church created.  I have been highlighting and making notes in the app which is useful but I want something I can hold, mark up, and that will become personal.  I do love the bible reading plans within the app though.  The soul detox plan has been my favorite thus far.


04.  Watermelon Spark — This stuff helps me to get through my days without that jittery feeling.  If you haven’t tried the watermelon flavor you must!   I once saw it nicknamed “Happy Momma Juice” and had to laugh.  So true!


05.  Roller Derby Weekend — I’ve mentioned that we own a roller skating rink.  My husband is the coach of our women’s roller derby team.  We’re hosting the regional qualifier at our rink this weekend.  We’ll be cheering on our girls while they defend their regional title.

  • April of A. Liz Adventures - I am just loving that your husband is the roller derby coach … you guys are so much FUN!

  • Christy Squyres - The pics from the museum are great, looks like so much fun!

  • Ashley @ Fancy Ashley - That sweatshirt is like the best thing ever! I am ordering for Reagan! If only I could squeeze into a size 8! Ha! The museum pics are awesome! That look so fun! Love that your hubs is the roller derby coach! How fun! Maybe I should try the Spark? I am always tired!!!!! Happy Friday! xo

  • Dawn - Love the sweatshirt!

  • arielle - that sweater is great! & that is awesome y’all own a rink. fun!

  • Makeshift Margaritas - Ha, glad I’m not the only non teen who still has the teen study bible! 😉

  • WeeMason's Mom - I think roller derby sounds like so much fun!

    And, I may not be a kid, but I SO want to go down that awesome looking slide!!

  • Jenny - Thank you for stopping by, Arielle. The rink has been a lot of fun!

  • Hey Lauren Rene - I LOVE that photo of Ella sliding down that plastic tunnel…so cool! And that sweatshirt is adorable! Would you believe I ran out of Spark today? I don’t know what to do until my order gets here lol