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Grocery shopping on a budget without coupons

Have y’all heard of Jordan Paige from Fun, Cheap, or Free?  She wrote a post years ago about the 7 checking accounts you should have.  I began following her then and remember hearing her speak about grocery budgets and how you should estimate $100 per month for each person in your family.  And this included home supplies such as toilet paper and toothpaste.  I thought this was impossible considering how much we were spending on our groceries and that it was just Court and I at that point.  But, I became savvy about shopping and want to share with you how I am grocery shopping on a budget without coupons.

Tips for grocery shopping on a budget without coupons.

I grocery shop at both Aldi and Wal-Mart.  Aldi because their prices are just incomparable.  And when they run their weekly sales?  Even more so.  And why Wal-Mart?  Because they price match.  To be honest, Aldi doesn’t carry everything I typically need on my grocery list and in an effort to save time Wal-Mart is just a one stop shop.  This is much of the reason that I never started couponing — I simply don’t have the time each month to go to multiple stores to get the best deals.

The app, Favado, shows all of the grocery sales in my area.  I go through and checkmark all of the items that I have on my grocery list.  Then, I simply advise the cashier at checkout the cost of the item at the other store and 99% of the time they take my word for it without seeing the sale ad or app.

If there is not a sale on the item on my grocery list I simply buy the store brand or the item with the cheapest price.

Another great feature Wal-Mart has is their price catcher? app.  You’ll simply scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt and they will compare the sale ads and refund you the balance owed.

Another great tip I learned a couple of years ago that helped to dramatically cut my monthly grocery bill in half was to only grocery shop twice per month.  When I was shopping weekly I would often find I would waste much more, those items that looked good but I didn’t necessarily need were often thrown into my cart, etc.  Now, sometimes I might have to stop for milk, bananas, or more perishable items that don’t last 2 weeks.  But, more often than not we just make do with what’s on hand.

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save is something else I use to help cut down on spending.  I order toilet paper, paper towels, dishwashing detergent, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.  I set it to arrive once every two months and save 20%.  While every item might not be as cheap as what can be found elsewhere. But what I find to typically happen is that I save because I am not having to run into the store for a $3.00 bottle of dishwashing soap and come out spending $50 because, well, you know how it goes.

That is that.  How I keep our grocery budget in check and free up our money for other things.