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Halloween Photo Tips

In years past I waited until Halloween night just before going out to trick or treat to try to take a photo of my children in their costumes.  And it would almost always backfire.  Either they were in such a hurry to get out and trick or treat, it would be dark outside, or they would just be melting down that I would never get a great shot.

I have learned some things to make it easier and wanted to share my Halloween photo tips with you so that you can get some great pictures of your children this year!

Halloween Photo Tips

1.  Don’t wait until Halloween night to get a picture – Try a costume trial run another day to get some portraits.  Without the anticipation of trick or treating they are more likely to take their time, look at the camera, and smile!

2.  Get great light – During your portait session head for open shade (shaded side of a building or covered patio) or wait until the sun is low in the sky.  Your images will look so much better when the light is diffused and your subject is without shadows on their face your images.

Halloween photo tipsTake better Halloween photosHalloween Photo Tips

Halloween Photo Tips

3.  Start trick or treating at least 30 minutes before the sun sets – Light is a major component when it comes to photography.  You want as much natural light as you can so that your images aren’t dark or blurry and so that you’re not forced to use flash.

Trick or treating photo tipsTrick or Treating Photo TipsTrick or Treating photo tips

4.  Be Present – I suggest taking a handful of photos gathering candy from about 3-4 houses to document the occasion and then put your camera away!  Enjoy the evening with your family without your face behind the camera.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!