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Healthy Menu & Grocery List

I get a lot of requests for printable grocery lists to go along with my menu plans.  And today your wish has been granted!

I have created a month’s worth of menu ideas and put together grocery lists for each week.  Simply click the links below to print both the menu (which has links to each recipe) as well as the grocery lists.



Click to print menu

Click to print grocery list

  • Colleen - You are a brilliant and wonderful woman Jenny! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us! It is definitely pinable!!!

  • Rachel - This is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Jenny - I’m glad you like it Rachel. It’s come in so handy for me!

  • Jenny - I’m glad you love it Colleen. I know it’s tough to often come across healthy recipes — and I wanted to make it as easy as possible!

  • Rachel - I love this! I tried opening the menu on my Mac, but it wouldnt allow me to see the links. I dont have Excel, is there another version or a way to see all the recipes at once? Thanks!

  • Rachel - Hi other Rachel! I use Open Office instead of Microsoft Word. Same sort of software, but free! There should be an Excel type program in the download that’ll help you open this.

  • jackie - can’t wait to try some of these meals out! Thanks for making it so easy for us!
    I’m having trouble getting the thai chicken lettuce wrap recipe. it is just taking me to an image on pinterest with no recipe or website attached. I’ve searched for some recipes too, but none seem to match my ingredients that I bought from week one grocery list.

  • Jenny - Glad you found the recipe, Jackie. Maybe I’ll try to recreate and blog about it — so an actual recipe can be found on Pinterest.

  • JENIE - SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS SITE! I’ve got everything printed and ready to hit the store tomorrow. I’m so excited for this week’s dinners. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS JENNY

  • JENIE - I can’t get the recipes to pull up off the menu tho. How can I find the recipes?

  • Jenny Collier - Hi Jenie! If you download the file to Microsoft Word or even Google Docs the links will become active. The image on my blog is just a screen shot of that document. Hope you enjoy!

  • Stephanie - When I click the link to print, it downloads a compressed file. When I extract everything, I still can’t seem to figure out what to look at. It doesn’t look like anything it a printable menu or shopping list :(

  • Ricoshade Cole - Hello…I have just joined pinterest and found your website. I love your menu and shopping list..however there are no recipe’s. Is that the aprt we have to pay for? Where do I find them?

  • Stacy - I cannot view or see where to view the recipes. I went and got all the ingredients for week 1 and cannot find recipes.

  • Traci Durham DeSpain - hi.. i cant get the recipes to come up.. is there a problem? Thanks for sharing!

  • Luz - I can’t click on the links for the menus either. :(

  • Mel - I’m trying to click on the blue links and it doesn’t seem to work! Help I love this idea