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Hope Spoken

I attended my first Hope Spoken conference at the end of March.  And, boy, what good it did for my heart.

Ashley, Thuy, Karen, and I rode from Tulsa together.  So, we met Fancy Ashley at Sissy’s for lunch before checking into our hotel:

Lunch at SissyLunch at Sissy

The conference began with worship by Jason Castro (yes, the dreadlocked kid from American Idol who has since gotten himself a new ‘do).  And then the amazing Jen Hatmaker followed.  She had us laughing and then convicting us all within the same breath.

Jen Hatmaker at Hope Spoken

The next day absolutely rocked my world.  The morning started with Kristin Rogers who tragically lost her father during a day at the beach with her family.  Her story was one of pain and finding hope in that.  One of my favorite takeaways was when she said “You may not feel like praising him right now but you will – he promises to restore you”.  Oh how my heart needed to hear that during a season of pain and uncertainty.

Hope Spoken

One of my other favorites of the day was Joy Prouty who spoke of she and her husband’s come to Jesus moment.  I pray often that I am a light to others in my life.  Something Joy said was that her husband noticed that once she trusted God she was able to let go of her emotions/worry/control and just rest.  That speaks such truth in my life as I often feel like I have to hold everything together.  And there is such peace in letting go.

Then Lynsey from Five Chicks and a Farmer spoke on embracing the seasons in our life.  Lynsey spoke so eloquently and I was shocked to learn that she had written her speak at 3am that morning!  I have a whole page full of notes but some of the things that stick out are:

– “The Lord uses unfamiliar seasons to mold me the most.”

– “Paralyzed with the fear of unpredictability — but joy came from the circumstances.”

– “Ecclesiastes 3:11  – God is the one who is working in our lives.  We’d never be stretched if we only had the good.”

– “God didn’t place us here by accident.  There is a very specific purpose for the season we find ourselves in.”

Thuy, Ashley, Karen, Ashley, and I went out for dinner at Tillman’s Roadhouse to recap the day which was so fun.  I just adore all of these girls!

2015-03-28 19.09.41-1

The next morning I had to take a picture with the amazing Paige Knudsen before the last speaker of the conference.  I have followed Paige and her amazing family for some time and am honored to call her a friend.

And my girl, Fancy Ashley.  She is such a blessing in my life.  A true friend that wants the best for me and that will tell me the hard things.  Adore her so!

Fancy Ashley, Paige Knudsen, and Jenny Collier at Hope Spoken

The amazing Stephanie (Honey) Holden wrapped up the conference and had everyone in tears.  Becoming a believer just two years ago I am not familiar with all books of the bible.  She spoke on Romans 12 and I fell in love.  I feel like those words need to become plastered all around me.

Some of my favorite points from Stephanie’s speech were:

– “Readjust your focus to see the blessings.”

– “Bless those who persecute you.  Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them.”

If you don’t follow Stephanie on Instagram you must.  A rocking marriage, 3 grown God loving girls, and a heart of gold.  She is one of my favorites!

Jenny Collier, Honey Holden, and My Paper Pinwheel

If you are considering going to next year’s Hope Spoken conference I highly recommend it.  Tickets go on sale May 1st.  Be be quick…they sold out within hours last year!