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interview with stephanie flynn from tulsa fit body bootcamp


Introduce yourself:

I’m Stephanie Flynn, owner of Tulsa Fit Body Boot Camp- Tulsa’s only indoor, women only, group personal training facility.

What is your motivation to stay in shape?

So I can continue to become a better person, inside and out, every day. Staying in shape helps me stay strong emotionally and spiritually as well- they all work together. Keeping my physical, emotional and spiritual health strong helps me lead a fulfilling and HAPPY life!

I have absolutely fallen in love with boot camp.  Can you tell my readers more about what each session entails?

Sure, FBBC offers 30 min workouts that give you twice the results of an hour workout, by giving you the after burn effect. Basically this means that you burn calories at an accelerated rate because of the style of training we do.  The workouts include cardiovascular and resistance training exercises that stimulate fat loss, tone your body and are modifiable for all fitness levels.

Also, another benefit of boot camp is nutritional guidance.  Can you tell me what is one of your favorite go-to healthy foods?

OATMEAL! I LOVE LOVE oatmeal. It is so versatile, filling, nutritious and easy.  By adding a banana and some cinnamon, you get a quick and healthy breakfast.

Or just by adding some eggs and/or protein powder, you can make healthy and delicious protein pancakes, muffins, and other treats.

What is a quick & easy recipe you suggest?

Protein pancakes (for breakfast and /or snacks-

6 egg whites
½ c dry oats
Pumpkin spice
One banana

Blend all of the ingredients together, then heat a pan and spray it with nonstick
spray. Pour batter onto pan I look pouring them into several mini pancakes.)

Cook for 2-3 minutes on one side, flip then cook for one more minute.

Serve with 1 Tablespoon of all natural nut butter= delish!

Do you have any special offers at FBBC currently? 

Yes, for the New Year, you can come do our 4 Week Total Body Makeover for $39 if you say you are a reader of the Jenny Collier Photography blog.

P.S. Jenny has done an AWESOME job on being consistent with her workouts and nutrition! She looks amazing and is setting a great example for her family.  Keep it up Jenny!