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June Goals

How did I do on my May goals?  Let’s just saw that I blew them.

Budget:  We spent more than we thought we would.  Not decorating, necessarily, but just unexpected costs of moving into a new home.  I measured the windows in the model before ordering blinds and window shades — and ours were just a hair smaller.  So, we had to order all new ones.  Little things like that.

Balance:  This just went out the window.  I completely overwhelmed myself.

Finishing my Power Sheets:  This just didn’t happen either.  I thought I would honestly have more time than I did.  Packing and unpacking consumed our month.

Love the quote from Emily Ley above.  So rings true right now.  That move was utterly exhausting — we are all ready for some R&R.  So, what are my June goals?

– Relax and enjoy our summer.  Spend my days doing fun things with the kids instead of marking items off of my to-do list.

– Take care of myself.  Workout regularly and eat better…and schedule that darn dental cleaning.

– Re-read “Love and Logic”.  The summer days are long and my patience is short.  This mama needs some tools in her arsenal pronto.

  • Hey Lauren Rene - I think that fact that you even set goals in the first place was inspiring. It’s ok to let life just happen though and roll with it! I’m think I’m letting this happen too much right now though and I’m in a bit of an unorganized funk. I want to get back on track with you in June too!