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Madison Vining {MVPs}

I am so excited to welcome one of my girlfriends, Madison Vining, to my blog.  Madison and I met about a year and a half ago at a photographer get together.  We became fast friends and now our littles are even buddies.

Madison is a successful senior, family, and boudoir photographer.  She teaches the Advance workshop along with Trisha of TG Photography.  Madison has also recently put together a group called the MVPs which is an amazing resource for photographers.  Which is why I’ve invited her to share with us today.  If you are a photographer or aspire to be…this is the group for you!

Hey Mads!  Welcome to the blog.

What’s in your camera bag?

Currently in my camera bag:

– Canon 5d Mark III

– Canon 50mm

– Tamron 28-75mm

– Sigma 85mm

– Tokina 10-77mm (fisheye)

– 430 Ex II flash

– Gary Fong diffuser

– Lots of 4GB CF cards

– Simply Color luxe shaped business cards

– Chapstick

So, tell us about the MVPs 

When photographers first start out, I think their first instinct is to scour free photography forums online for tidbits of information. On equipment, on lighting, on posing, on how to market, on how to edit, etc. At least that was how I spent a lot of my time when I first began. And it was frustrating! I felt like I was spending all this time and only getting teeny tiny bits of information, never the whole picture or step-by-step breakdown that I needed. I came across several online classes (each around $200) and those were more helpful but still left me wanting more.

Now that I am running a successful photography business and teaching workshops to photographers all over the country, I am ready to give back and fill a hole in the industry that I wish had been filled back when I was starting. REAL, ongoing, in-depth, HONEST mentoring. To be someone who has been there and done it and is willing to help others without holding back. So The MVPs was born.

The MVPs is an online forum (run through a private Facebook group) where I am accessible to my MVPs for Q&A, exclusive video content (personal pep talks, tutorials on editing, etc. that other people do not get to see)… it’s full of freebies (templates, actions, textures…) and super fun contests where members can win prizes like publicity opportunities or private coaching calls. We also do cool activities like weekly blog challenges and website critiques that make sure we are reaching, securing, and maintain our exact target clients. It’s a lot of information and a lot of fun!

What made you realize you wanted to teach and share your successes with other photographers?

The photography industry is extremely competitive. Those who have “made it” sometimes look down upon and certainly never want to help those who are trying to make it. I just don’t feel it has to be that way. I want to be the friendly face and the helping hand that aspiring photographers can find in an industry that can be overwhelming and a little bit hostile. There is enough success for everyone!

When is your next Advance workshop? 

The ADVANCE workshop is a super fun UH-MAY-ZING workshop that I teach alongside Trisha of TG Photography. Photographers fly in from all over to dive deep into the areas of lighting, posing, editing, and marketing. We have live senior models: newborns, family, and a senior, and everyone gets an up close and personal look at how Trisha and I run our businesses and also a chance to learn hands-on for themselves. Also, the swag is kind of amazing.

The next workshop is October 12th. It is the third one we’ve done and it will be the last one offered at the introductory price. I am happy to give Jenny Collier Blog readers 10% off their tuition… contact me for details. I would love to meet you all in person!

Anything else to add?

Just a big thank you to you, Jenny! I am an avid reader of your blog so I am super honored and excited to be featured. Thank you! And keep rockin’ it!

  • Christy Squyres {Nellie & Phoeb's} - I’m just dipping into photography, what pre req’s are required to take the advance workshop?

  • Jenny - The only requirement is that you already know how to shoot in manual mode…which you do. Yay!