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Making Time for Play

As a busy Mom, making time for play is something that is necessary for me for it to actually happen.Making Time for PlayMy day is filled with, most often, an entire page full of tasks in my planner.  From household tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, making school lunches, and dinner to all of the tasks for my blogs, our family business, and side businesses my plate is most definitely full.

It is not in my DNA to procrastinate and put those things on the back burner to stop, get on the ground with my kids, and play.  That’s not to say that I don’t spend hours upon hours with my kids every day.  But I’m not talking about just being with them.  I am talking about turning off the TV, putting away the phone, picking up a book, getting on the ground, coloring, participating in playing with the Play-Doh.  That kind of play.

My favorite way to do this is to try to get all of my tasks done while my kids are either at school or sleeping (I explain more about this HERE).  And when they are home in the evenings…it’s family time.

I am not perfect in completing this as folding that load of laundry or answering that phone call sometimes takes precedence.  But, it’s really important for me to get this time in for me to feel balanced.

Making time for playMaking time for playHow do you prioritize playtime with your kids?

  • Colleen - This is something that weighs so heavy on my heart. Being SAH’s we have so much to accomplish at home each day, but none of it is (really) more important than the children. I get caught up in my to do list and the laundry, etc… so I try to take my SILs advice and do a one-for-me / one-for-you approach. I do a quick chore while O helps or plays nearby or stays occupied (not with a screen) and then we play together for 20-30minutes, then it’s my turn to get something done again (shower, laundry, mail, phone call). I do this in the morning, but in the afternoon I try to have most stuff done so we can play until 5 o’clock when I make dinner. I’m really interested to hear what other mama’s have to share!