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Miss Monroe

Dear Ella –

You have just started Kindergarten and are 5 years old.  I wanted to remember a bit about who you are at this stage.  You love dolls, playing on the iPad, gymnastics, dressing up, makeup, and all things girly.

Collier091015_37 copy

You are shy and introverted when it comes to meeting new people.  Mom was scared that you would have trouble making new friends in Kindergarten but you are doing so well and have been so brave.

Collier091015_33 copy

You are my sweet and snuggly girl who also has quite the sassy attitude as well (I just have no idea where you got that from).  You are so creative and love to draw, craft, and use your imagination.  You will do big things in this world I am sure of it.  You are so considerate of others and love to make things for your friends and share.

Some funny things you’ve said lately are:

– “I want to be a cat when so I can snuggle people”

– “My favorite ride at Legoland was the American girl round (Merry go ’round)”

– You say Pokemine and Pokeyours when referring to Pokemon

You make my days brighter with your snuggles.  Your love for each member of our family is evident and we love you right back!



  • Angie - I used to write detailed monthly/quarterly updates for my kids for the first few years. I haven’t documented as much the past year and a half. My twin daughters turned four last week and I have been trying to decide how to start this up again. This age is so full of cuteness and I’m forgetting so much of it! Thank you for posting this! I love how you just called out a few things to note. I’m feeling inspired again! Love reading your blog for all of your practical advice!!