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NYC Recap

For the last (almost 12 years) that my husband and I have been together I’ve always wanted to visit New York City with him.  He’s never been and I haven’t been since right before we had gotten together.  For my birthday this year my husband surprised me with two airline tickets.  We had anxiously been awaiting this trip since July that we finally embarked upon in September.

Court’s first NYC taxi ride:

2015-09-22 12.30.19-2

Our first adventure was the Empire State building.

2015-09-22 14.56.30-12015-09-22 14.58.12-2

We decided that we’d take the subway back to our hotel…and only got a little lost along the way.

2015-09-22 16.18.41-12015-09-22 16.26.49-1

Court’s sister was in town on business so we met her for some drinks in the West Village.  Our first stop was the Spotted Pig and then Fedora.

2015-09-22 17.32.172015-09-22 18.29.58-12015-09-22 18.33.41-12015-09-22 18.54.26-1

2015-09-23 05.51.56

Devon had a dinner meeting to attend so we set out on our own and came across Mary’s Fish Camp for dinner.  I had a low country boil which was amazing!

2015-09-22 19.54.18-1

The next morning we enjoyed Avocado Toast and coffee at Cafeteria.

2015-09-23 09.32.52-1

We then visited the 9/11 memorial and toured the museum.

2015-09-23 10.26.49-12015-09-23 10.29.22-12015-09-23 10.48.14-12015-09-23 11.27.52-1

We walked from there to Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty.

2015-09-23 11.57.49-1

We enjoyed lunch at the Pier with a view of the statue.

2015-09-23 12.17.39-12015-09-23 12.52.53-1

Later that day we met up with Devon again at Nomo Soho.  We then walked around Chinatown and had some dim sum at the Red Egg.

2015-09-23 13.37.31-1

Devon had another dinner meeting but directed us to the High Line and the Standard.  We had every intention of visiting the Boom Boom Room at the Standard but, unfortunately, they had a private event.

So we walked the High Line and settled in for dinner at the Standard.

2015-09-23 18.56.19-12015-09-23 18.59.37-12015-09-23 19.02.33-1

2015-09-23 18.50.49-12015-09-23 19.27.23

After dinner we crossed the street to check out the Sugar Factory and their candy filled drinks.

2015-09-23 20.33.53-1

Our last day in the city we made our way to Central Park.

2015-09-24 10.24.47-12015-09-24 10.34.02-12015-09-24 10.42.16-1

We walked around the Upper East Side for a bit before catching a cab back to Times Square where we were staying.

2015-09-24 10.58.31 HDR-12015-09-24 11.29.56-2

With the Pope being in town many of the streets were blocked going downtown.  So, we decided to stay put the rest of the day and just shop and eat in the area.

  • Andrea Worley - So fun! this has been on our list for a while now too, hoping we can make the trip next year! Loved this recap as I gather ideas for our trip.