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Pool Essentials For Mom

This weekend marks opening day of our neighborhood pool.  We are all so excited….last summer we practically lived at the pool!

We also joined a gym that has an outdoor pool (and a daycare).  My girlfriend and I are dreaming of laying out for an hour sans children before taking them swimming.  Don’t judge.  I haven’t been to a pool without children in 5 years.  Having a breather to relax and flip through a magazine poolside sounds amazing on those hard days.

Here are some of my poolside must haves:

pool essentials



  • kate mccutchin - Love everything about this post! Including the dropping off kids for some solo pool time! (Lifetime? My friends and I have discussed joining solely for the adult pool time haha!)
    Love that suit!

  • Keisha Dawson - I couldn’t agree with this essentials list more! And, absolutely no judgment here for sending the kids to the daycare at the gym pool. I just might have to “steal” that idea. We have the same benefit, and I never had thought to do it. Thank you!

  • Jenny Collier - Yes, Lifetime. :) You should totally join. I say the adult pool time it worth it.

  • erin - invite me please?! an hour lounging poolside sans kid sounds SO amazing! and that suit! and bag! i love love love them!

  • kristan - hi jenny – just discovered you, today…thanks a lot, been sitting here for 1 1/2 hours exploring and not even close to being done….oh, and bought the suit!! odd question – what printer do you have at home – my printables are “weak” – will upgrade the paper but think i need to upgrade printer. thanks for all your sharing !!

  • Jenny Collier - Hi Kristan! Thanks for stopping by. I use just an HP printer here at home. But, to be honest I often times will send items that I want to frame or put on my bulletin board to Staples. It costs just pennies and the copies are far better than my HP.

  • Sara Moore - Must have it all!! I also dream of a little kid-free lounge by the pool. P.S. I have SOOOO had that Thirty-One bag on my list! And I love how many colors that suit comes in. Think it would look good on a preggo?! :)

  • Kristal Strong - Love that swimsuit!! No judging here! An hour by the pool sounds amazing to me! We have a pool, which means we live in it all summer. The nice thing is that swimming wears the kiddos out so I sometimes get an hour to myself while they take an afternoon nap….for more swimming later :)

  • Erica Rinehart - Love it ALL! Literally every piece!