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Pumpkin Painting

Over fall break we deciding amongst our playgroup that a pumpkin painting, donut, and mimosa playdate was in order.  So, we gathered at my house, blew up the bounce house, broke out some paint, and let the kids have some fun!

Don’t get me wrong…the mamas had some fun of our own.  A mimosa bar was in full effect!

Pumpkin Painting 1Pumpkin painting 2

Pumpkin painting 4Pumpkin painting 5

After our friends left Ella, literally, painted for another hour and a half.  A light bulb went off in my head.  So, I ran to the store and stocked up on more pumpkins (the pie sized are only $.75 a pop at my grocery store)!  A couple of days later we painted, yet, again.  It has definitely been a hit with my kiddos!

Pumpkin painting 6Pumpkin Painting 8Pumpkin painting 9Pumpking Painting 10Pumpkin Painting 11


  • Andrea Worley - I love this idea way better than carving! so much more creative. your littles look like they had so much fun!