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i know posts without pictures are no fun…but i just had to share this.  i’ll get back on track with the picture posts tomorrow.

i just caught a dvr recorded episode of “the talk”.  they featured a family called “america’s cheapest family”.  i was so impressed with some of the tips given that i just had to share.  who wouldn’t want to save money on mundane things so you could spend your money on wanted items.

here is a link to the interview.  here are some of the tips that i plan try:

– i highly recommend the envelope system.  i currently do that as a way to save for vacations, birthdays, gifts, clothing, etc.  even if you don’t have cash on hand we use ING direct as our savings account.  when you transfer money you can set up sub-folders similar to an envelope so that you can earmark money for certain things.  but, shamefully, i have yet to use the envelope for food…and when they spoke about food being one of the areas people overspend it really hit home.  our grocery bill is entirely too high as we cook at home 7 nights a week.  so i’m starting a food envelope.  it will at least help in sticking to my list and NOT spending on extras while i’m at wal-mart.  and freezing meat when it goes on sale is another trick that i plan to try.

– something i hadn’t heard of before?  putting a bottle in the toilet to save on water usage.  easy peasy.

– checking tire pressure to save on gas mileage?  the thought has never crossed my mind.  you can be certain that i’m going to start.  the gas for two suvs is costly…if i can save a few pennies, why not?

– quoting my auto insurance.

i thought this family had great ideas to actually save.  it wasn’t a general don’t spend on the extras.  i definitely want to pick up their book and read it next.