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sickies | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

our new year’s day started out in a fantastic way.  our little man got a big boy room…well, a toddler bed.  but it still made mommy sad.  pictures to come.

shortly after we were finished building the new bed, shelving, and hanging pictures my hubby started to feel ill.  soon…i locked him in a room and took care of the kiddos on my own as i feared that he may have had the flu.  but since my mom, hubby, and the manager of our other business all had the same symptoms after eating taco bueno i’m hoping it was food poisoning.  *fingers crossed*

needless to say my week has been just nuts.  and it’s the week of my little boy’s second birthday party.  so, i’ve been the crazy mom running all over town (during nap time of course).  there will be few posts & pictures this week but hopefully i’ll have a recap of our great weekend to come (my mother-in-law & sister-in-law are even flying in from california for the big party — can’t wait!).

happy new year everyone!