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Surviving a road trip with kids

Last month we took a 3-hour road trip to see family.  Today, I wanted to share with you our tips and tricks to surviving a road trip with kids.

Road Trip with Kids

Last year when we took a 10 hour road trip we bought the kids these car seat trays.  They have come in handy for so many reasons.  They make eating on the go a breeze and the kids like to spread out their coloring books and other toys.

Since my car does not have a DVD player built in another essential item for us are these iPad car headrest cases.  We can plug in the kid’s headphones and they can enjoy movies and games while giving mama a bit of peace and quiet.  Before we leave town we always rent a new movie for them via iTunes so that it helps hold their interest.

Road Trip Essentials

Another must have is to place a tote in between them filled with activities and snacks.  We include coloring books and crayons, a travel puzzle (although the car seat trays come in handy they won’t make a completely even surface for a puzzle.  So, we like to bring along a cookie sheet for them to do their puzzles on).  We also include plenty of our favorite snacks.


What are your must know travel tips?  Leave me a comment below.

  • Kitty - Love this! Gonna snag those trays! Do they work on boosters? My favorite road trip essential would be our beloved “state bags” kids get a map and a yellow colored pencil (crayons have melted and destroyed my interior and highlighters have become eye shadow) and they trace the route as we drive. Each new state we travel to, they receive a grocery bag filled with library books, snacks, a trinket that is something I’m trying to purge from their room (if they play with it great if not it goes in the trash or to goodwill after the trip!) or a new prize from the dolla store. Sometimes I toss in a DVD from the library–you can borrow certain ones for 3 weeks! Anyway they can play with their bags and then they can switch books, etcetera. It’s been a lifesaver on our 30-hr callavants!

  • Jenny Collier - Those are some amazing idea, Kitty. Love breaking it up by state!

  • Colleen - Those trays look like a life saver! I think Owen would love to play his cars on something like that — Will have to get one before we go to DL in Dec!

  • Molly - This is great! Those iPad headrest holders are awesome.