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Starting January 1st I am doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  And I’m inviting YOU to join me.

My husband did the challenge first two years ago.  I was skeptical and thought I would just continue to eat healthy and work out along side him.  When I had only lost 3 pounds in 24 days and he lost 15 and looked like this…I knew I had to try it.  Since that first challenge two years ago he has lost a total of 45 pounds and has kept it off!

I have great results as well.   During my last challenge I lost 12 pounds, 5% body fat, 5 inches, and a pant size!  And felt truly amazing!

advocare 24 day challenge before & after

My Mom lost 25 pounds during the course of the challenge.  She has completely changed her lifestyle, continued with the products, and has lost a total of 60 pounds.  So proud of her.

My friend, Lauren, also tried the Challenge after reading about how much I loved it.  She had some pretty incredible results herself.  And after continuing the products for a year and a half you should see her now.  She looks incredible!

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A little over a year ago we began our Advocare journey.  After completing our 24 day challenges we signed up to be distributors solely for the discount.  We loved the products so much and it only made sense to enjoy a discount if we were going to continue on them.  Then something happened.  People starting asking us what we were doing and wanted to also do the challenge.

One of those people was Lauren.  Lauren and I had been online friends for 9 years.  We met when planning our weddings on but have stayed in touch and followed one another’s lives through social media.  Lauren had fantastic results on the challenge (which you can see HERE) and wanted the discount as well so she joined our team.

What started as a way for us to get healthy has become a business.  I’ve met so many amazing people and have helped them reach not only their weight loss goals but help them live a healthier life overall.  And to me…that’s everything.  But, I have enjoyed a little more money in my pocket.  I ended my photography business last year due to the fact that my heart just wasn’t in it and it wasn’t worth my time away from my family.  So much to my surprise I am currently making monthly what I made as a photographer….just by sharing on my blog how Advocare has helped me and my family.  Blows my mind.

My mentor, Judy, mentioned there was an Advocare Ladies Alive event in San Diego that she was coming to with Lauren.  Getting a fire lit in me and getting to meet my long-time friend for the first time?  Done and done.  I immediately signed up.

So, this weekend I flew to San Diego.  My girl, Fancy Ashley, picked me up from the airport and I got to have lunch with her in La Jolla and then meet the Little Presidents and her husband, Sean, before heading to the conference.

Later, at the hotel I finally got to meet Lauren.

Judy and Sarah, also on our team, have been amazing mentors to Lauren and I.  So it was wonderful to finally meet them in person.

The event was very motivating.  Hearing how women have changed their families, allowed their husbands to come home from working a full time job, live debt free, give generously, and enjoy life resonated something in me.  I decided that while I don’t normally speak of the business side of Advocare that I needed to speak up this time.  Because I have women in my life who are struggling with money, who are aching to be home with their children, who wish to spend more time with their husbands, or who have a cause that they need to pour in to.

I don’t plan to always use my blog as a platform for the business side, however, I did want to share just how much it’s benefited my family.  And I am happy to help you if you feel it’s something needed in your own life.

I am finished with my Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  Excuse the hot mess “I just rolled out of bed” look in my before & after pictures.  Clearly I don’t fix myself up to go to the gym. :)

To be completely honest I ended a few days early.  I knew that while at the Influence Conference we were going to be fed breakfast & lunch.  And I let myself splurge a little (or a lot).  But, I came home ready to jump back on the bandwagon.

Here is my final weigh in:

Before – 125 lbs

After – 120 lbs

Although I didn’t see a huge difference in the scale I lost inches.  I went down an entire size in jeans and I can see it in my waist and thighs.  Besides, weight is just a number to me.  What matters most is how I look and feel.  Which is amazing.  My energy level is much higher than before!

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All photos from our weekend were taken from Instagram.  Follow me:  here

Friday afternoon Hudson and I went to Vintage Market Days with my mom.  I don’t know how I thought that was a good idea being on the Contentment Challenge.  I had no will power!  I came away with a wooden growth chart, a paper mache letter H for Hudson’s room, and a silver tray.  I clearly felt disappointed after but am trying not to be too hard on myself.  I’m simply hitting the restart button and planning to avoid temptation!

The only photo I took.  Isn’t the Lick Your Lips Mini Donuts food truck just the cutest thing?

Friday night and Saturday morning I attended the Chazown experience at church.

The Chazown experience couldn’t have come at a better time with the Making Things Happen Conference next month.  I have been a little terrified going to such an event without a specific goal or dream in mind.  Now, I feel I have a truer sense of my purpose and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.  The Chazown experience will be coming back to my church in the Spring.  I have volunteered to help as a Veteran so please let me know if you are interested.  Would be happy to give you more info as it draws near.  Or if you’re not in Oklahoma they do offer Chazown online (click the link above).

Friday, I also helped chalk some signs for Ashley & Ryan’s wedding.  This was before I had cleaned it up a little…but you get the idea.

Saturday evening the couple were married on a rooftop on Cherry Street.  Everything turned out just beautifully!


Sunday I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  Have been anxiously awaiting this day — so ready to feel healthy, energetic, and lose a few pounds in the meantime.

The rest of our day was spent lounging around the house and then an evening church service.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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1.  Starbucks Discoveries – I came across these Starbucks Discoveries Iced Caramel Macchiatos at my local grocery store this week.  Let’s just say one bottle was gone far too quickly and I went back to stock up.  I’ve tried other refrigerated Iced Coffee in the past that was just too sweet for my taste.  This is perfect!

2.  Monthly Printable Healthy Menu & Grocery List – Earlier this week I shared my healthy printable menu along with printable grocery lists for each week.  It is a huge time saver for me to meal plan.  And looking ahead for the month I am able to take advantage of grocery store sales.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  Simply click over to the link above to access the printables.

3.  Learning to swim – We have spent every day poolside this week.  So sad that it will be closing for the summer on Monday!  We have been letting Ella practice her swimming without floaties lately and she is rocking it!


4.  Daily Deal Sites – I have always loved Groupon but now love sites like Very Jane and Groopdealz.  Look at this cute personalized mason jar tumbler I purchased as a gift this week.

I know there are other daily deal sites out there….which do you follow?

5.  24 Day Challenge – Starting next week our group Advocare 24 Day Challenge starts with my friend Lauren (pictured below) and others.  If you want to join in it’s not too late to purchase your product and get started.  More information HERE.