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Happy Friday!  Linking up again with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha for Five on Friday.




01.  Back to school shopping — I came across this cute sweatshirt for my Ella and couldn’t pass it up.  Can’t wait for fall clothing!

02.  Tulsa Discovery Lab — We visited the children’s museum this week with some friends and the kids loved it…especially the tunnel and slide made entirely out of packing tape.  I think it will be a regular spot for our cold weather outings.

03.  Bible — I ordered my first big girl bible this week.  My Teen Study Bible doesn’t really apply to my life anymore. :)

I have been using the Bible app that my church created.  I have been highlighting and making notes in the app which is useful but I want something I can hold, mark up, and that will become personal.  I do love the bible reading plans within the app though.  The soul detox plan has been my favorite thus far.


04.  Watermelon Spark — This stuff helps me to get through my days without that jittery feeling.  If you haven’t tried the watermelon flavor you must!   I once saw it nicknamed “Happy Momma Juice” and had to laugh.  So true!


05.  Roller Derby Weekend — I’ve mentioned that we own a roller skating rink.  My husband is the coach of our women’s roller derby team.  We’re hosting the regional qualifier at our rink this weekend.  We’ll be cheering on our girls while they defend their regional title.

i was skeptical of advocare products when my husband first began using them.  i thought it was another marketing scheme that i wanted no part of.  but then my husband completely transformed his body during his 24 day challenge while i was still still looking quite the same despite my eating healthy & working out alongside him.  after trying the products myself i saw a sudden burst of energy and an overall change in not only my body but my overall being.  i love hearing the same things from friends & family who have also tried their products.

The best Advocare Products

so, i wanted to share some of my favorite products with you:


24 Day Challenge


the 24 day challenge.  i’ve mentioned before that this challenge has not only changed our lives but my mom who has lost over 40 pounds (and 12 dress sizes) using this program.  she lost 30 during the 24 day challenge and continued losing by using the same products:

Advocare Catalyst

catalyst is a branched chain amino acid that was nicknamed “lipo in a bottle” by advocare.  i highly recommend taking this not only alongside the challenge but every day (especially in conjunction with a workout program):


Advocare Supplements

even after the challenge i continued to use mns3 packets:

Advocare Spark

spark helped me kick my soda addiction.  i still rely on it before workouts or when i’m in a slump:

i also take o2gold & arginine extreme before running and high cardio workouts:

O2 Gold

and another favorite is nighttime recovery.  definitely comes in handy after a long run or a tough bootcamp session:

i also use muscle gain as the protein powder within my protein shakes (more on that tomorrow):

i am on day 13 of the advocare 24 day challenge.  so far i have gone down a size in jeans (finally back in my skinny jeans!), lost 2 inches in my hips, an inch around my belly, and a couple of pounds as well.  a lot of friends have asked what the diet looks like on the advocare challenge.  it’s not some gimmick-y diet.  it’s truthfully clean eating.  here is an advocare sample menu:


breakfast:  chocolate meal replacement shake (i LOVE these.  i have a major sweet tooth and i look forward to one every morning).  on days that i don’t have a meal replacement shake i’ll have egg whites with spinach and maybe some fruit.

mid-morning snack:  banana with a tablespoon of natural almond butter.

lunch:  salad topped with chicken.  i vary it up by adding different fruits or vegetables.

afternoon snack:  apple and natural almonds.

dinner:  a grilled chicken breast with lightly steamed vegetables and brown rice.  another favorite has been turkey chili or i make oven chicken fajitas and serve it over brown rice and black beans.  i like doubling servings for dinner so i can have leftovers for lunch.  i’m not one who likes to eat salad for lunch every day. :)

when you sign up for the challenge you’ll receive a sample menu as well as a list of food items allowed and not allowed.  like i said before i was eating similarly to this for a little over a month in conjunction with working out 6 days a week with little to no results.  the advocare supplements have really helped me kick it up a notch and see some exciting results.

just wanted to do an official post with some FAQ information so that i can refer to it when people ask me about it.

also, i chose the MNS3 packets (for weightloss) as well as the chocolate shake: