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Happy Friday!  Linking up for Five on Friday with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha.


 As you know I just returned from the Making Things Happen Conference.  I shared my recap HERE.  I didn’t take many pictures as our phones weren’t allowed in the conference each day and the ones I did take aren’t the best quality.  But for this Five on Friday I am sharing a little of my week.

01.  Dinner at City KitchenKylie set up a dinner for the attendees the night before the conference.  It was lovely getting to meet some new friends and to catch up with Whitney and Ashley.

Whitney, April, Ashley, and Holly

02.  Roomies – My fancy roomie, Ashley, got us matching pajamas and monogrammed them.  We stayed up far too late every night chatting.  Love this girl!

03.  The Conference – Since we had to give up our phones before walking into the conference each morning Lara snapped and shared this one of the group before we got started.

04.  Dinner at 411 West – We had a table of about 30 people but didn’t snap a single photo.  As we were walking out the door I asked the hostess to snap one of the last people to leave.

Ashley, Kylie and Molly, and Caroline

05.  Dinner at Mellow Mushroom – the last night to say we were all beat was just an understatement.  Ashley, Kylie, Molly, Caroline, and I had a mellow dinner and recap of our experience.


About six months ago I met Kylie and Katie. They spoke about Powersheets and Making Things Happen and I was so intrigued. I was at a point where I was overloading myself, not allowing room for margin, and I was filled with major Mommy guilt because of it. Wow, did those Powersheets rock my world. They changed everything for me at that point.

Here I am only six months later and in a different season of life. I have felt a calling to use my blog for a greater good and have been so focused on what I should have been doing years ago to get my blog off the ground.  And then putting so much pressure on myself to make it happen NOW. So much so that I’ve completely overwhelmed myself yet again and am feeling that same Mommy guilt. I told the ladies on the first day of the Making Things Happen Conference that I was there for a big kick in the pants to get my priorities straight.

After two days of tears, digging deep, and showing my ugly I have come out on the other side feeling so inspired to live a life free of regret. I now realize I can have the best of both worlds (a fabulous career and a great family life) as long as I set boundaries and rid of distractions. So here are a few things that I plan to do.  Friends, please help to hold me accountable!

– Set office hours. My office hours will be from 10-2 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays while the kids are in school. I am going to fiercely protect those hours with a clear plan, working hard to stay on track. And then turning off my computer when done.

– Only checking email twice a day.  I am actually going to try to disconnect email from my phone as it is a major distraction every time I hear my phone ding.

– No phones in the bedroom.  I go to sleep on my phone browsing Instagram or blogs and then wake up and immediately reach over to check my email.  Instead, I am going to set one of those many books on my “to read” list on my nightstand.

– Wake up before my family – squeeze in a workout and bible time.  So that by the time the kids wake up I am ready to take on the day and am in a good place.

– No social media after 5pm. I need to be intentional with my family time free of those distractions.

– Rest!  I am a busy body by nature.  I read this quote from Emily Ley some time ago that said “You can’t draw happy children, loving words, delicious dinner, a clean home, an organized life, happy memories, beautiful photographs, great design, good work, a happy marriage, a happy family or insert what you want from an empty well.”  Yes yes yes!

Say a prayer for me, friends, because these are going to be some hard changes to make.  But SO worth it.

Happy Friday! Linking up with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha for another Five on Friday post.



01.  You’ve Been Booed – We have been having fun booing our neighbors.  Hudson keeps asking if we can do it again.  We have to leave some of the houses for our friends to boo. :)

Check out the free printable set I created in case you missed it earlier in the week.


02.  Decorating – We’ve also been busy decorating for Halloween.  See more here.

03.  DIY Glitter Skull Print – I am loving this tutorial by The Glitter Guide.  Check it out here.

04.  Boo Calligraphy Printable – I love this cute calligraphy printable.  Download it here.

05.  Making Things Happen – I’m off to Making Things Happen this weekend.  I feel like I have been awaiting this day for so long!  I am beyond excited for the experience alone.  Am also excited to hug the necks of some of my friends including Ashley and Whitney!

Have a great weekend!


Linking up with Darci, Natasha, and April, and Christina for another Five on Friday post.



1.  Tuesday was my birthday.  It was definitely the birthday of bags.  I said I wanted a new bag…and bags I got.  A total of 3 of them.  I opted out of the Louis Vuitton Speedy because I realized it didn’t come with a crossbody strap (and it voids the warranty if you use one).  As a mom sometimes I just need to be hands free.  So, I went with a different (and cheaper) option.  The Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo.

I then spent my birthday perusing Utica Square (a local outdoor mall) and popped into the Gap.  They were having a huge sale in Gap Kids (30% off all sale items — and all summer items like shorts, tops, and dresses were marked down to insane prices like $5.00).  I wandered over to the women’s section and spotted this tote.  I had seen it before but wasn’t willing to spend $50 on a tote bag that would most likely be taken to the pool.  It was on sale for $17.49.  Sold!

And then my girl, Ashley, surprised me with a monogrammed tote bag.  I saw hers a couple of weeks ago and just had to know where she had gotten it…sneaky friend had gotten one for me as well.  And she surprised me with peonies in a mason jar.  She knows me far too well.

2.  We are starting to plan a trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida.  Ashley is tying the knot here in September — I am beyond excited.  It’s been on my wishlist of places to visit for a very long time.  Friends who have been there…do you have any suggestions for must see places, restaurants, etc?

3.  My hubby ordered the console table I talked about last week as a birthday gift.  So excited to put it in our formal dining and style it up!  Here is what the room currently looks like (iPhone photo)…definitely needs something to the left and I think this table is just the ticket.  My friend, Darci, also purchased the table last week.  Check out how she’s using it here.

4.  The guest speakers for the Making Things Happen conference I am attending in October were just announced.  Can I just say that I squealed upon finding out that Rhiannon Bosse with Hey Gorgeous Events would be there.  She attended Making Things Happen and swears it’s a game changer.  And even more excited that Ashley from Fancy Ashley is attending.  Can’t wait to be roomies.  It’s going to be so much fun!

5.  Speaking of Making Things Happen do you have Lara Casey’s Power Sheet set?  They are back in stock and she is offering a free webinar (to those who have purchased the power sheets) on August 1st.  Order now if you want to be a part of it.  These sheets have helped me to figure out what matters most to me, how to balance my life and work, and how to take those baby steps towards making my dreams a reality.  Highly recommend them!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Linking up with Darci of The Good Life blog again this week for her Five on Friday post.

01.  It has really started to heat up in Oklahoma.  We have spent every day over the last week in water – whether it be the splash pad, pool, sprinkler in our own backyard, or setting up the water table.

02.  Excited to celebrate my husband this weekend.  We are dreaming of a day spent at the pool and then cooking out ribs and grilled corn on the cob.  Am thinking this cucumber and tomato salad sounds delicious:

03.  I bought my ticket for the Making Things Happen Conference this week.  I came to my husband with a whole speech prepared and within a couple of words he said “Go for it”.  Done and done.

Some fun Oklahoma girls are also attending – Rekindled Rentals, Katie O’Keefe, and Christina Leigh Events.  Can’t wait to see what this experience has in store for me.

04.  We have gotten some things done around the house.  My husband hung the pin board and swing-arm sconces in the office:

* iPhone pic — the moved telephone is driving me crazy. :)


We have been waiting for a month for the concrete company to come out to pour some additional patio space for us.  But, due to rain their schedules were delayed.  They came out this week to get started.  Praying that the rain stays away so that they can finish quickly.  We have big plans for this patio…in the future.

Also, we had our fireplace surround tiled.  Currently…it’s waiting to be grouted.  Will share soon!

05.  Have treated the kids to Sno Cones three times this week.  Mom has caved too.  This can’t be a good habit to start.  Had to share this picture of my littles.  Ella is obsessed with wearing this black mitten.  All I can think of is Michael Jackson while she is wearing it.