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This weekend we threw a housewarming fiesta to celebrate our new home with some of our closest friends and neighbors.  I didn’t take many photos — my lovely friend, Ashley, grabbed my camera and documented most of the party.  Thank you Ash!  And thank you to the Brindles who brought along a fun water slide for the kiddos to cool off with.  They were in heaven!

We hired someone to make tacos for us in the backyard which were delic!  Also, a big thanks to Seana Hon for her amazing cupcake stills — she came up with sopapilla, tres leches, and mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.   All were amazing!

And thanks, most of all, to our friends who could celebrate such a special occasion with us.  Xo

housewarming fiesta

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Linking up with Darci of The Good Life blog again this week for her Five on Friday post.

01.  It has really started to heat up in Oklahoma.  We have spent every day over the last week in water – whether it be the splash pad, pool, sprinkler in our own backyard, or setting up the water table.

02.  Excited to celebrate my husband this weekend.  We are dreaming of a day spent at the pool and then cooking out ribs and grilled corn on the cob.  Am thinking this cucumber and tomato salad sounds delicious:

03.  I bought my ticket for the Making Things Happen Conference this week.  I came to my husband with a whole speech prepared and within a couple of words he said “Go for it”.  Done and done.

Some fun Oklahoma girls are also attending – Rekindled Rentals, Katie O’Keefe, and Christina Leigh Events.  Can’t wait to see what this experience has in store for me.

04.  We have gotten some things done around the house.  My husband hung the pin board and swing-arm sconces in the office:

* iPhone pic — the moved telephone is driving me crazy. :)


We have been waiting for a month for the concrete company to come out to pour some additional patio space for us.  But, due to rain their schedules were delayed.  They came out this week to get started.  Praying that the rain stays away so that they can finish quickly.  We have big plans for this patio…in the future.

Also, we had our fireplace surround tiled.  Currently…it’s waiting to be grouted.  Will share soon!

05.  Have treated the kids to Sno Cones three times this week.  Mom has caved too.  This can’t be a good habit to start.  Had to share this picture of my littles.  Ella is obsessed with wearing this black mitten.  All I can think of is Michael Jackson while she is wearing it.

Friday evening my friend, Madison, hosted a Blue Skies Shop trunk show at her house.  It was fun catching up with girl friends, drinking wine, and going through so many cute clothes and pieces of jewelry.  Here is what I came home with:

buy it

buy it

buy it

buy it

buy it

Saturday, we worked on house projects in the morning.  We painted an accent wall in Ella’s room:

Still to come:  install the chandelier and we’re waiting on the arrival of her nightstand and throw pillows.

We had every intention of painting the Union Jack on Hudson’s wall…until we learned the wall is bulging.  You can push on it and it bends back.  So, unfortunately we have to wait until it’s repaired until we do any painting in his room.  We did, however, finish his palette headboard:

Still to come:  find and install a wall sconce, throw pillows, and of course the painting.

We relaxed outdoors while Ella took her nap:

To wrap up our evening we rode our bikes down to the splash pad.  We were excited to find that the neighborhood kids had set up a sno cone stand.

Sunday was a busy day filled with lots of fun.  We attended church, went to the water park, and got takeout steam pots from Joe’s Crab Shack.  My favorite summer meal!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

hi friends.

i have been missing in action for the last week.  to say moving is a chore is an understatement.  at the moment i can’t find the cords to upload my digital SLR or my point and shoot.  so, iphone pictures will have to suffice for now.

we spent mother’s day unpacking boxes but met up with my mom and my sister at andolini’s pizzeria.

we moved all of the boxes and clothing items ourselves so we spent many days before the big move trying to get as much as we could unpacked.  we brought over a little TV so that the kids were entertained while mom & dad worked.

in the midst of it all i decided to start repainting a china cabinet that i purchased off of craigslist a couple of weeks ago.

the movers came and finished things off by taking care of the furniture and appliances for us.

we finished unpacking and started decorating.  court painted a chalkboard wall for me in the kitchen:

the living room was the first room we set up.  we still have drapes to hang and the fireplace to be tiled.

i ordered a sample of this tile for the fireplace.  i love it!

miss holly mathis is helping me to pick out wallpaper to line the wall behind the newly painted china cabinet in the dining room.  we also have to swap out the builder light for our chandelier.

we said goodbye to our old house.  i was very emotional about it (although he didn’t say so i think court was too — i caught him going around taking photos of each room).  we lived in this home for almost six years and have so many memories here.

celebrated my best friend graduating from nursing school:

we even got to enjoy the neighborhood park before all of the storms started rolling in.

today is moving day!  it’s a little bittersweet.  although we are SO excited about our new home….we have a lot of memories in this house.

back in february my friend, ashley thompson, came over to our house to document a day with us.  we hadn’t had photos taken in our home since ella was a newborn…and we wanted to capture what our life looks like before we left.

thanks so much, ash, i absolutely adore these photos and will cherish them always.

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