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Our June was slow, fabulous, and filled with lots of fun things.  I have learned a lot about balance and how I can keep myself from being overwhelmed.  Social media free weekends have been a godsend and help me to truly focus on what matters.

As we approach July I’m feeling a little guilty.  Guilty for slacking in our businesses.  So, this month I am going to make my goals business oriented.


01.  Further monetize my blog.  A few months ago I took the Mom Blog Money Blog workshop and finally realized that with as much time as I was spending on my blog that I should be receiving some sort of payout.  While I love blogging in general I knew I couldn’t keep up with it forever as just a hobby.  So, I signed up with Google Adsense and placed ads on my sidebar.  I was shocked to receive my first check last month.  After spending four years here earning nothing…it certainly felt good to bring home the bacon.  I also have begun reading Dollars and Roses and see that there are many other sources for monetizing my blog other than just Google Adsense.  So, setting up shop with other companies is a goal that I’m setting for myself this month.

02.  Set aside some time for Mamarazzi of Tulsa.  We have a workshop at the end of the month that I’m excited about and need to do some prep for.  Within the last month we moved our site from a to it’s own domain and gave it a little facelift.  Still have more work to do there though.  Also want to redo our business cards and marketing materials.

03.  Give our skating rink a facelift.  Yes, we own a roller skating rink.  Have I mentioned that before?  This month we plan to paint the exterior as well as redo our landscaping.  And put some ideas that I have been brainstorming into fruition.

ayden celebrated his 3rd birthday today with us at skatesashley rented the rink out privately, added our bounce house, and the kids had a blast.  ashley’s parties are always planned to the nines.  this one was no exception.  quite possibly the cutest party we’ve had at the rink…ever.

here are a few pictures that i took….

tulsa birthday party photography

tulsa birthday party photographertulsa birthday party photographer

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