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this week {april 15 – 21}

– we went to our first driller’s game of the season.  the kids were amazing — i don’t know if it was all of the commotion going on around them or the fact that we stuffed them full of junk food.  but, i was so impressed that they sat still for so long.  so we rewarded them with some time play time afterward.

– i helped with a school reward party at the rink.  although i do quite a bit for the rink i’m usually working from home.  it was fun to get back in there.

– sat down with the kids and played play-doh.  they love this and i don’t know why we don’t do it more often.

– i met a new friend, kylie.  she’s in the process of opening up a vintage rentals company here in tulsa called rekindled.  her stuff would not only be amazing to use for parties and events but for styled photo shoots as well.  i’ll be sure to share her information once she gets her blog and website up in the coming weeks.

– visited our house.  the door was finally unlocked!  we saw that they had poured the driveaway and patio, put in the carpet, rebuilt our stairs (which were crooked), and had installed all of the toilet, sinks, and faucets.  we discovered that we weren’t happy with the size of the back patio.  we paid extra to have more concrete poured and it isn’t quite big enough for what we’re envisioning so we are adding on more after closing.

i don’t love the exterior of the house and realized i was becoming sort of a brat about it.  when i dreamed about what i would want in a house it would be stucco or painted brick…the builder that we chose didn’t offer either.  eventually i would love to paint the brick…but i’m trying to be content with what i have.  kylie and katie brought the contentment challenge to my attention and i realized it’s something that i desperately need.  especially as we prepare to move into the house and i’m aching to change out lighting fixtures and start decorating every room.

– realized in the midst of finalizing our loan approval that court and i have both somehow lost our social security cards.  so, we had the pleasure of spending a fun hour and a half in the social security office with the littles. :)

– did the color run with my best friend and her two little girls.

– got to get away with my hubby!  granted…it was for a roller derby bout but boy was it needed.  our girls won both games and are undefeated so far this season!

we thought we’d be young, stay out late, and sleep in.  then we realized we were old, tired, and just wanted to sleep.  i think we were passed out by 11pm.

  • Katie O'Keefe - What a fun weekend! I didn’t know y’all opened a skating rink! I was never allowed to skate as a ballerina, so I’ll have to come by and give it a whirl. :-) Your house is looking amazing! Can I ask what floors did you use? We need to update our floors desperately (after this contentment challenge) and I love the color of the wood you chose. So glad you met Kylie! We need to get the three of us together so we can finally meet in person. Have a great week!

  • Aja - I sooo relate to not being satisfied with your house! You’re definitely not alone there. We thought we were going to have painted brick, too, but nope! Argh! The house looks great- cant wait to see it all come together! And BTW- I’m pretty sure I saw you guys at the Drillers game! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t come say Hi!

  • Hey Lauren Rene - OMG….your house is to die for!!!! Are you getting all new furniture or keeping what you have? (What you have would totally fit in your new house style too…its gorgeous!) So excited to see it come together. Looks like a great weekend. You just got me so excited to do the Color Run in a few weeks! :)

  • Jenny - Thank you! We are keeping the living room and dining room furniture the same. Holly Mathis helped us with those spaces less than 2 years ago. We are redecorating the office, adding wallpaper to the formal dining, and doing a few decorative touches to the half bath for now.