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All photos from our weekend were taken from Instagram.  Follow me:  here

Friday afternoon Hudson and I went to Vintage Market Days with my mom.  I don’t know how I thought that was a good idea being on the Contentment Challenge.  I had no will power!  I came away with a wooden growth chart, a paper mache letter H for Hudson’s room, and a silver tray.  I clearly felt disappointed after but am trying not to be too hard on myself.  I’m simply hitting the restart button and planning to avoid temptation!

The only photo I took.  Isn’t the Lick Your Lips Mini Donuts food truck just the cutest thing?

Friday night and Saturday morning I attended the Chazown experience at church.

The Chazown experience couldn’t have come at a better time with the Making Things Happen Conference next month.  I have been a little terrified going to such an event without a specific goal or dream in mind.  Now, I feel I have a truer sense of my purpose and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.  The Chazown experience will be coming back to my church in the Spring.  I have volunteered to help as a Veteran so please let me know if you are interested.  Would be happy to give you more info as it draws near.  Or if you’re not in Oklahoma they do offer Chazown online (click the link above).

Friday, I also helped chalk some signs for Ashley & Ryan’s wedding.  This was before I had cleaned it up a little…but you get the idea.

Saturday evening the couple were married on a rooftop on Cherry Street.  Everything turned out just beautifully!


Sunday I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  Have been anxiously awaiting this day — so ready to feel healthy, energetic, and lose a few pounds in the meantime.

The rest of our day was spent lounging around the house and then an evening church service.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  • Christy Squyres - I need a copy of the pic of all of us with Ashley!!!
    Good luck on cleanse week one:)

  • Aja - What a pretty wedding! I love the rooftop. It was do great to meet you in person- hopefully I wasn’t too hopped up on pain meds, lol! :)

  • Cherish - What an adorable wedding! I recently found your blog and am looking forward to reading about the 24-day challenge and seeing the results and tips. I’ve been considering doing one.

  • Lindsey @ Sweet Simplicity - What a fun wedding location! Is that part of a restaurant? It is a great even location.

  • Hey Lauren Rene - What a pretty wedding!! You looked great! Glad you got your fun out of the way because now it’s challenge time :) ha ha…thankfully we are still having fun but just in a different way. You’re doing great!!

  • Jenny - Thanks girl! It’s definitely easier the second time around. I know what to expect and what sticking to it will bring me!

  • Jenny - It is the rooftop above Lululemon on Cherry Street — where they do the rooftop yoga. Isn’t it beautiful?

  • Jenny - You should join us! We are still having people join in — the Facebook support group is alone worth it. We have almost 70 people!

  • Jenny - Thank you. It was wonderful to meet you. We’ll have to get together for lunch one of these days.