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Toy Storage with Style

As my kids have gotten older we have downsized their toys tremendously.  We went from a playroom to a closet.  And now they really only play with the toys in this space (to be fair they do have a few baskets of larger toys in their room including Ella’s dolls and dollhouse).

This space is technically our dining nook but over time it has converted to somewhat of a playroom.  Since it opens up to our living room I wanted it to not be an eyesore and blend with the style of the rest of our house.

Toy Storage With StyleThis storage shelf from World Market is a workhorse and helps us to contain the mess in baskets and buckets.

Toy Storage with Style_3This rolling cart from World Market holds our art supplies like paint, brushes, glue, washi tape, glitter, scissors, stamps, and paper.

Toy Storage with Style_7Yes, we do have a large chalk wall in our kitchen, however, Huds and Ella, tend to get upset when mama erases their artwork (oops!).  So we picked up this $15 chalkboard from Ikea which they love.

Toy Storage with Style_10

This metal bucket contains Ella’s crafting supplies like beads, ribbon, stickers, etc.

Toy Storage with Style_13

A fun way to store our markers:

Toy Storage with Style_14

This bucket contains our Legos.  And the basket next to it the Lego base plates as well as a stack of coloring books.

Toy Storage with Style_15

The larger drink buckets on the bottom shelf hold some of our Lego sets, Puzzles (stored in Ziplocs), Magna-Tiles, and Play-Doh.

Toy Storage with Style_16Toy Storage with Style_17Toy Storage with Style_18