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Valentine Friday Favorites

With Valentine’s Day coming soon I have been pinning Valentines, recipes, and decor left and right.  So, today I am sharing with you my Valentine Friday Favorites:

My favorite Valentine breakfast idea:


These darling Valentine envelopes my kiddos would love:

Fabric Valentine Envelopes

This heart Caprese salad is a must for our family Valentine dinner:

Heart Caprese Salad for Valentine

This Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a fun idea!


This handprint Valentine card would make a cute project for my hubby or for Grandparents:

Handprint Valentine Card

These mason jars are a cute and simple way to decorate with items I have around the house:

Heart and Doily Mason Jar for Valentine

And there are so many darling Valentine printables out there like this Glowstick Valentine:

Glow Stick Valentine Printables

these sticker Valentines:


Build your own Olaf Valentines:

Build your own Olaf Valentines

Glow stick light saber Valentines:

Glow Stick Light Saber Valentines

Donut Valentines:

Donut Valentines

Bubble Gum Valentines:

Extra Valentine

Laffy Taffy Valentines:

Laffy Taffy Valentine

Starburst Valentine:

Starburst Valentine

Balloon Valentine:

Balloon Valentine

Star Glasses Valentine: