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This Weekend – Advocare Ladies Alive

A little over a year ago we began our Advocare journey.  After completing our 24 day challenges we signed up to be distributors solely for the discount.  We loved the products so much and it only made sense to enjoy a discount if we were going to continue on them.  Then something happened.  People starting asking us what we were doing and wanted to also do the challenge.

One of those people was Lauren.  Lauren and I had been online friends for 9 years.  We met when planning our weddings on but have stayed in touch and followed one another’s lives through social media.  Lauren had fantastic results on the challenge (which you can see HERE) and wanted the discount as well so she joined our team.

What started as a way for us to get healthy has become a business.  I’ve met so many amazing people and have helped them reach not only their weight loss goals but help them live a healthier life overall.  And to me…that’s everything.  But, I have enjoyed a little more money in my pocket.  I ended my photography business last year due to the fact that my heart just wasn’t in it and it wasn’t worth my time away from my family.  So much to my surprise I am currently making monthly what I made as a photographer….just by sharing on my blog how Advocare has helped me and my family.  Blows my mind.

My mentor, Judy, mentioned there was an Advocare Ladies Alive event in San Diego that she was coming to with Lauren.  Getting a fire lit in me and getting to meet my long-time friend for the first time?  Done and done.  I immediately signed up.

So, this weekend I flew to San Diego.  My girl, Fancy Ashley, picked me up from the airport and I got to have lunch with her in La Jolla and then meet the Little Presidents and her husband, Sean, before heading to the conference.

Later, at the hotel I finally got to meet Lauren.

Judy and Sarah, also on our team, have been amazing mentors to Lauren and I.  So it was wonderful to finally meet them in person.

The event was very motivating.  Hearing how women have changed their families, allowed their husbands to come home from working a full time job, live debt free, give generously, and enjoy life resonated something in me.  I decided that while I don’t normally speak of the business side of Advocare that I needed to speak up this time.  Because I have women in my life who are struggling with money, who are aching to be home with their children, who wish to spend more time with their husbands, or who have a cause that they need to pour in to.

I don’t plan to always use my blog as a platform for the business side, however, I did want to share just how much it’s benefited my family.  And I am happy to help you if you feel it’s something needed in your own life.

  • Hey Lauren Rene - Who knew right? While I always had a feeling we would meet some day never in a million years did I think it would be because of this awesome little company called Advocare. Thank you again for coming out here…it was sooooo much fun finally getting to meet you. It was like catching up with an old friend! Thanks for sharing a very important side of the exciting thing we have been a part of!

  • ashley @ Fancy Ashley - SO fun to see you on your quick trip to SD!!! xoxo!