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what’s in my camera bag

I’m often asked what kind of camera and lenses I use so today I’m sharing.

My camera body is the Canon 5d Mark II.  I love it!  Especially the full frame sensor, high ISO, and the fact that it takes gorgeous videos (something I’m trying to learn more about). 


Battery Grip for the Mark ii.  I truly only use this when I’m shooting a party or a wedding.


50mm 1.2L lens.  I love this especially in low light situations.

24-70mm 2.8L lens.  This zoom lens is on my camera 99% of the time.  I love it because I’m able to zoom out and not be in my kid’s faces.


430 ex ii flash.  I’m not a fan of flash…but sometimes you just need a little extra help when it comes to light.  This may see the light of day only a few times a year but when I’m in a bind I become very thankful that I have it.


Gary Fong Lightsphere.  This goes over my flash and acts as a diffuser those times that I must use flash.  Helps reduce that deer in headlights look as I lovingly refer to it.

Pocketwizard iii Transformer.  I took a speedlight workshop last year but honestly haven’t played with off camera flash very much.

Kingston Elite Pro 16g Compact Flash cards.  I highly recommend keeping a handful of these and changing them out often.  CF cards crash from time to time and you never want all of images (dating from 2006 on one card) – calling my mother-in-law out on this one. :)

Think Tank Pixel Pocket RocketI used to have CF cards scattered everywhere (in purses, camera bags, in my desk drawers until my hubby put this card holder in my stocking last year.  Love having them stored all in one place.


And what do I carry all of this stuff in?

The Shootsac Lens Bag is perfect for photoshoots.  It doesn’t, however, fit my camera body.  So it’s not a bag that I use when I’m not shooting clients.

The Shootsac Tote & Shoot is a bag that I highly recommend.  I can store my camera safely in the front pocket, add a flash on the side, and still have room for my iPad, snacks and toys for my kiddos, and other random things.  It’s perfect for traveling or when we’re out and about.

The ONA Camera Bag Insert is a great option for the mom that tosses her camera in her diaper bag or purse.  Love this option for when I don’t want to carry a big bag and the padding keeps it protected.

  • Hey Lauren Rene - Great recs….thank you so much for sharing!! We all know great equipment is helpful, but knowing how to use it is most important. If only you could share your talent with all of us too! :)

  • Jenny - Thank you, Lauren. I love the saying “the camera doesn’t make the photographer”. Your iPhone pictures are incredible so I definitely know that to be true. :)