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Organized Toy Storage

When we built our house we added a bedroom off of our media room to act as a play room.  To be honest our kids never played in it unless they had friends over.  When it came time to open Gray Monroe we needed storage for all of the clothes and the playroom became an office.  So, we needed options for what to do with all of our toys.  We organized them not only into a toy closet but also spread them throughout the house in an organized (and mostly hidden) fashion.

Organized Toy Storage

Luckily, we had a large shelved closet in the media room that was acting as storage for home decor that we converted into toy storage for larger toys (more on how we organize that at the bottom of the post).

We did some creative shifting to rearrange larger items that wouldn’t fit in the toy closet.  We moved Ella’s dollhouse, dolls, and doll accessories to her bedroom.  I don’t like having toys out everywhere so we placed this 3 cube organizer horizontally at the foot of her bed.  We used these wire baskets inside (that I spray painted gold to match her room) to hold her dolls and dress up clothes.  We also hung this on the back of her bedroom door to store all of the doll accessories.

As far as larger toy storage for Hudson’s room we added a wicker basket from Ikea to the foot of his bed.  We also added floor to ceiling bookshelves (using Ikea picture ledges) to each of their bedrooms.

collier011314_56-copy-blog(pp_w1000_h1500)Lastly, we created a play space for the kids in our dining nook which I shared here.  This is where we keep all of the Legos, Play-Doh, and art and craft supplies.

Toy Storage with Style_18So, the toy closet isn’t where we keep all of the toys in our house but it is a space designed specifically for toys and is nice for overflow toys after Christmas or birthdays.  I purchased the totes from Pottery Barn Kids and the puzzle rack from Amazon.  We keep the majority of our family games here (we have a space downstairs for this too — but it’s nice to swap them out when kids get tired of the same games).  Toys are organized by category for the most part — cars, stuffed animals, music instruments, play food, etc.

Toy Storage 2How do you organize the toys in your home?