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Camera gear that should be on every mom’s wishlist

I am a huge proponent of moms being able to beautifully capture the every day moments in their children’s lives.  Of course I adore the yearly images we have taken as a family but I probably love my every day snap shots more. They tell the story of who my children really are.

So today I am sharing with you the photography gear that should be on every mom’s wishlist. So that, you too, can capture the moments that make up childhood.

Camera Gear for Moms

01. Canon Rebel SL1 – The Canon Rebel is an entry-level digital SLR camera. Canon decreased the size of the Rebel with the SL1 which I really love. I say skip the kit lens that the camera comes with and invest in higher quality lenses instead (like options #2 and #3). Trust me…your images will thank you.

02. Tamron 28-75 mm 2.8 Lens – Tamron is a third party company that creates fantastic quality lenses for a fraction of the price of the Canon brand. This is a fantastic zoom lens. This focal length stays on my camera 90% of the time. This lens features a fixed aperture which is key, in my opinion, when choosing a zoom lens. The allowance for a low aperture means you will be able to take better pictures in low light settings.

03. Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens – I highly recommend this lens to everybody. You just can’t beat a $100 lens that has such a low aperture. It is a fixed lens which means YOU are the zoom so keep that in mind.

04. Eye-Fi 8gb Memory Card – The Eye-Fi memory card has built in Wi-Fi so it can connect to your computer, tablet, or even an app on your smart phone. How genius is that?

05. Canon Wireless Remote – Sometimes Moms want to be in the picture too! When I want to be in a shot I will break out this wireless remote and tripod. It’s much easier than setting the automatic timer and running to get in the shot.

06. Ona Camera Bag Insert – I often throw my camera into my diaper bag when running out the door. The padded Ona camera bag insert helps to protect my camera from harm.

07. Camera Buddy – I have so many friends with little ones who refuse to look at the camera. The camera buddy attaches to your lens to help get their attention.

08. Nifty Tripod – The Nifty tripod has bendable legs so it can not only be placed on a tabletop, but wrapped around just about anything you can think of.

09. Sony Nex-6 Camera – The Sony Nex-6 camera is a new favorite thing of mine. It’s the size of a point & shoot but is actually a digital SLR. It also features built in wi-fi that connects to an app on my smart phone. I don’t go anywhere without it.

10. Sony 35mm 1.8 Lens for the Nex-6 – Instead of the kit lens for the Nex-6 I purchased this 35mm lens. My images look sharp, have great depth of field because I’m able to lower my aperture, and it allows me to take photos in low light. Lenses are everything when it comes to photography and in my opinion it’s where you should invest.

11. Kelly Moore Libby Bag – I love Kelly Moore bags. They are functional without screaming that they are a camera bag. The Libby style is my favorite!

Having great gear is, of course, fantastic but knowing how to use it is key. Check into a photography class or workshop in your area.

  • Colleen - I can’t wait to check out your list! A new lens is on my list!!

  • SarA - I am not a mom, but I just got my Sony….and I’m obsessed!! I also swear by both of those Canon lenses. Glad we are on the same page!! 😉

  • goldi - Where do I find the corresponding item names/info to the numbers up there?

    I’d love a number 3!…and 10…11…8…heck they’d all be cool! How sweet is the little lady bug to get the attention of little ones?! I know of a couple mom photogs who would die for that!!

  • Jenny Collier - Goldi, you can find the post on Every Day Cheer with the links: