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How to photograph fireworks

It’s almost time for fireworks shows galore! Today we’re going to talk about how to photograph fireworks.  To make sure you capture all of those beautiful displays!

Supplies you’ll need:  Digital SLR Camera and a Tripod

I shoot in manual mode 100% of the time.  It’s especially great when shooting fireworks because YOU get to choose your settings and your images won’t turn out too dark.    Make sure you turn off the flash!  I usually set my ISO to 200.  I shoot with a little higher aperture than I normally do (f/4.5 rather than the usual f/2.8) because I want my depth of field to be larger to be able to capture more detail in the fireworks.  The shutter speed will most likely be very slow (such as .8 seconds).  This is why you’ll need a tripod!  If you feel like your image is still too dark slow down your shutter speed even further.

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