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Easter Activities

We had a full week of doing Easter activities.  Last Wednesday we dyed Easter eggs:

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Our Good Friday tradition is to plant “magic jelly beans” that bloom candy on Easter morning.  😉  That evening we attended our church’s Easter service with my family.

collier042014_69 copy

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Easter Sunday we hosted my family for brunch and an Easter egg hunt:

Easter bunny napkin

Easter table

Easter tableEaster bunny napkin

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After our egg hunt we played some Dance Central with my family before they left for home.  And we all had a good laugh!

The rest of the day my little family and I relaxed in our pajamas watching movies.  It was the perfect mix of a wonderful celebration and a wonderfully relaxing day.  Hope you all had a fabulous Easter as well!

  • Erin Vancura - where do i get me some magic jelly beans? id like a whole garden of them!! and you guys are hands down the cutest family ever. those bunny napkins, and the babes all dressed up, and dying easter eggs? i LOVE IT ALL. so i’m just going to come live with you for the next holiday and you can put on a “how to be adorable” workshop for me personally. deal?

  • Anonymous - How adorable is your Easter dinner place setting?! darling!

  • Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride - Oh, Jenny! Those babies of yours are the sweetest. They look like the best of friends. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Your kids are going to be so grateful you did this for them. xoxo