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My daughter loves to pretend play.  I thought it would be fun to buy a doctor kit, some fun animal bandages, and a lab coat and let her have her own vet clinic with her stuffed animals.  I created some a veterinarian play medical record so she could make it official:

Doctor Kit Medical Record 2

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I am over at the Moms of Tulsa blog today sharing a DIY chalk ice recipe.  Perfect for a hot summer day!

DIY Chalk Ice

My friends and I made this Frozen paint for my daughter and her girlfriends one afternoon at a playdate.  What school-aged girl doesn’t love Pinterest?  And arts and crafts?  This kept them busy and they had fun to boot!

Frozen Paint

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This holiday season we are trying to teach our children that it’s more important to give than to receive.  Tough to do in this day and age.  So, we are going to do some acts of kindness this Christmas season and I thought I would share a list of ideas in case you would like to do the same with your own families.

Acts of Kindness

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Kinetic sand is something my kids just love.  It’s fun to play with, easy to clean up, but the price tag on the store bought version can be a bit much.  So, when I saw a recipe to make your own we decided to give it a go!

Make your own kinetic sand

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