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Family Video Portrait with Lenae Photography

I met Lindsey with Lenae Photography at the Pursue Workshop last month.  I was over the moon to learn that she did videography in conjunction with her photography.  I have been wanting a video portrait done of our family for years.

We had such a great time with her during our shoot last week.  Our kiddos loved her so much that they wanted her to sit next to them during dinner.  The whole evening was very low-key and so very…us.  We wanted to capture the things that we love to do as a family.  And that made it so much fun!

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And the outcome of the video?  Well, it just blew me away (and made me cry…of course).  This will be an heirloom that I know will be treasured for generations.

Collier Family Video Portrait from L. Lenae Photography on Vimeo.

I highly recommend Lindsey for not only family video portraits but for video for businesses as well (check out the awesome video she put together for Whitney English).    She also does the option of providing stills along with your video…which we loved having!  I think the image below of Hudson & Ella ranks among one of my favorite photos of them…ever!


Follow Lindsey on Facebook, Instagram, and her Blog.  And reach out to her about having a video portrait session done for your only family….you won’t regret it!

  • Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride - Oh jenny! It couldn’t possibly be more perfect. It made me cry. It’s just so beautiful and shows the very sweetest, simplest every day moments. What a treasure!

  • kate mccutchin - Jenny! I totally cried at your video, too! So sweet and beautiful! What a treasure to have:)

  • Corinne - This is beautiful! Although, the idea of having to have my entire house clean at the same time is kind of terrifying. That, and making sure no one is picking their nose!

  • Natasha - This is the most heartfelt, happy video I’ve seen in a very long time Jenny. It is pure perfection and you can just feel the love and joy with you and your sweet family!! What a treasure to have (and be able to share) for years and years OXOX

  • Tara - Adorable!

  • Ashley @ Christian Wife Life - Oh my word, I LOVE that video. I was definitely tearing up. The love in your family is so evident! What a treasure.

  • Aja - Jenny, this is so precious!! What an awesome keepsake and your fam is too adorable.

  • Jenny Collier - I just adore it, Erin. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me. I was telling Court that I treasure it now…I can’t imagine how I will feel when my children are grown.

  • Jenny Collier - Oh, Kate. You are so sweet. I am in love with it! I think your sweet fam needs one. 😉

  • Jenny Collier - The beautiful thing about photos and video is that you only have to show what you want. 😉 There was a little fighting amongst siblings that was left on the cutting room floor.

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you so much, Natasha. I just love it so much!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you, Tara. I think you need one after that sweet babe is born.

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Ashley! You are so sweet. Can’t even tell you how special it is to me.

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you, Aja. I can’t believe you’re commenting on my blog in the midst of baby time! Praying for a safe delivery!

  • Victoria - Oh my goodness. JENNY! First things first, your family is precious. I have never seen a family video portrait (am I living under a rock or are you making waves with this?!) haha! Either way this is beautiful and so much joy is captured I just love it! Go Jenny and Lindsey! XOXO

  • Brittany Louise - My heart is seriously so happy after watching this! How incredibly beautiful of a family you have! You are just such a bright and happy person, and it shows so much in your video! I am so happy I hopped over here and watched your video before my “mom brain” forgot.

    Best, Britt

  • Liesel Pollman - I have to admit I’ve never heard of these being done and was a little skeptical but oh my gosh, how sweet!!!!!! Made me teary! What a great way to capture this moment in time!

  • Sara Moore - Finally had time to watch this and I’m bawling like a baby over here! I wish I could say it is the pregnancy hormones but truth is I’m a huge sapball. Love, love, love and I’ll be giving sweet Lindsey a call very soon! XO, friend!

  • Jenny Collier - Oh, Sara. I hope you have one done. I can’t tell you how much I treasure it!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Liesel. I have wanted one done for so long!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you, Brittany. You are so sweet!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Victoria. Lindsey is SO talented and having this video is such a treasure!

  • Keisha Dawson - What an awesome treasure that you will have forever! I have never seen anything quite like this before. Absolutely precious!

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